The Buzz

“ – either a genius or ridiculous idea. Not sure which but very interesting.”
– Chris Tippie of Maroon Ventures


“As of now, I’m leaning towards “genius” for TimeStarvd.”
– Gil Asakawa, Professor Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado


“…with an idea that big, its going to take a lot of time, effort and love to have it reach its potential.”
– Joel Wishkovsky, Founder, CEO, Card Gnome


“You were probably the biggest hit of the conference. I, like everyone else, was blown away by your vision.”
– Peter Vandevanter – Conference Organizer


“I’m more than intrigued by the possibilities: for news, books, institutional communications (reports, et al), and for helping out the cognitively disabled/learning disabled.”
– Steve Outing, Founder & Director, Digital Media Test Kitchen, University of Colorado

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