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Paul J Gardner

CoFounder, Conductor of Magical Publishing   Paul is an acknowledged book freak.  His whole life has been spent working and living in the world of the books, graphic arts and the printed page.   As a lifelong student and reader, he has read more than 10,000 books.  As a book collector, his collection has at times includes as many as 50,000 wonderful, odd and rare books. And he's given away more than 10,000 books to friends and family, libraries and charities. And his family will still have way too many books to deal with after he Graduates.   Paul has spent the last 25 years in the printing industry, working in Sales, Operations, R&D, Marketing and Business Development - all with a strong focus on Innovation and Positive Disruption.   From 2004 to 2007 Paul served as VP Operations at Rastar, another slightly disruptive company.  During that time Rastar's revenues nearly doubled, to $50 million. Paul also led the planning and creation of two multi-million dollar photo book factories in Salt Lake City, and Toronto.   Paul is a veteran of the US Coast Guard, an Eagle Scout and a Printer!  

Duane Michaelis

Co-founder, Architect of Disruption   Duane is an accomplished software developer and systems architect, deeply immersed in creating the framework and and base architecture that powers the magic of TimeStarvd.   Previously Duane was the lead software developer and workflow engineer on Rastar's Photo Products project.  Working alone over the first two years, Duane developed the fledgling Photo Book manufacturing industry's first dedicated and comprehensive, production & workflow software suite.  This early system laid the groundwork architecture and design that today enables Rastar to produce nearly half a million books in a peak six week period, generating tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue.   Since 2008 Duane has been the leader of software development team which has grown from just one developer (Duane!) to a team of twelve, supporting more than a dozen different projects.   Prior to Rastar, Duane worked for Authorize.Net, L-3 Communications and Dentrix, where he worked on projects ranging from integrated billing solutions to communications modules for military observation platforms.   Duane graduated from Utah State University in 1997 with a Computer Science degree.  

Terry A Kirkpatrick

Editorial Director   Terry is a former national feature and business writer for The Associated Press and managing editor of The Reader’s Digest.  He is the author and editor of several books on management.   Terry created a thought leadership journal for Peppers and Rogers group and launched an award-winning website for CEOs for IBM. He was deputy editor of CIO Insight magazine and a contributing editor for strategy+business, the Booz Allen journal. He has also written for McKinsey, Marakon and Gartner.  

Kelly Taylor

Marketing Director / Creative Strategist   Kelly has spent his life pursuing creativity as an asset. After studying fine art, Kelly launched a successful brand agency, spent time building various companies, and a consulting practice.   Kelly worked as Director of Marketing for MarketStar, Inc. an Omnicom owned company that serviced the worlds technology sector as well as Director of Marketing for Rastar and enabled their participation with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games - the first time personalized photo products were sold during the Olympic Games.   Kelly is an experienced risk taker who understands that you shouldn’t try to please everyone if your aim is to stand out.  His mission statement: Marry creativity with business strategy, work hard and enjoy the ride!  

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